John Deere has been providing farm and lawn equipment for more than 175 years now. It is no wonder the brand is one of the most trusted, reputable names in the industry. Their yellow deer logo and lush green tractor are noticed and well-known to just about anyone who sees them. If you’re a fan of John Deere, there’s a lot of information you might already know about the brand, but some things that you may not. Read below to learn some interesting facts about the brand.

1- You can purchase John Deere diesel engines should something cause the current engine to malfunction. Costs of the engines vary but it certainly saves a whopping amount of money versus costs of replacing the product.

2- In the 175 years that John Deere has been around, the brand has seen eight different logos. The current yellow and green image has been altered many times as well.

3- From 1852 – 1858, John Deere handled management of his company. After this time, Charles, his 21-year old son, took over the duties as manager. He served as manager for the next 49-years.

4- The $1 billion in profit mark was hit by the John Deere company in 1998. It was a financial landmark for the company, as it is for any business.

5- John Deere has been an international company since 1912. The first international manufacturing plant opened in Canada in this year. Another plant opened in Mexico, another in Spain, and one in Germany in 1956 and during the preceding years, more than 104 locations opened across the globe.

John Deere diesel engines

6- John Deere manufactured aircraft parts, tractors, ammunition, cargo, and other items during WWII. As the world’s largest manufacturer, there is little wonder why the brand was chosen for such an important job.