There are major efforts in California to reduce emissions and make cars and buses run without pollution. This has been done with a variety of vehicles that we know about. Hybrids are an example, but they do run on gas at certain times, while at other times they are using electricity. With larger transportation vehicles, we know that a greater amount of pollution is created and this clouds the atmosphere and environment even more, creating more problems.

green fleet San Jose CA

A certain group of cars and drivers around compost the green fleet San Jose CA environmental activists have come to know as the movement forward for energy conservation and electric cars. It may seem like this actually perpetuates the problem because it uses up regular electrical power. Actually, this green fleet moves on to some other power alternatives. Solar power is a big thing in California already and it comes in again to power these vehicles and buses and actually saves the usual electricity.

You have to appreciate the effort and understand that it is a big step forward for society to make. This is just an example of a small group of people getting together to make a difference for the betterment of environmental health. It is wise and so good for the planet, regardless of how big or small of an effort that it is. The point is people took action and it manifested as a real program. Even the police department got involved.

It is amazing to know that the totally electric school bus has been unveiled as part of this project. You have to appreciate this in light of the level of pollution these buses normally produce. Now we have the Board of Education up in the movement for energy conservation. This is a great way to teach kids a hands-on example of helping the environment.